Solidarity with the struggle in Brazil -a message from Berlin

While others were watching the football match between Brazil and Colombia our thoughts were somewhere else. We don’t cheer for any team, especially when we know that there are people outside of the stadiums, in the streets and in the neighbourhoods that lost their houses or even lost their friends and family members. We can’t watch a game knowing that the people that built these stadiums were getting exploited or even died. We are full of rage seeing this game and knowing that the government already has a plan for these stadiums, these white giants: to transform them into prisons.

While others watched the game, we hung up a banner in solidarity with the fighting people in Brazil. It’s a small message, but hundreds of people walk by every day, cause this message is located in the centre of Görlitzer Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The banner reads:

Against exploitation and oppression!
Against the FIFA and the modern football!

Solidarity with the combatants in Brazil! For social revolt!
Não Vai Ter Copa – There is not going to be a World Cup.

-Some anarchists in solidarity