NYC solidarity demo with prisoners in struggle in Greece

On July 3rd, 2014, we gathered in front of the Greek consulate in New York City to express our solidarity with the vibrant and dynamic struggle that has erupted throughout the Greek prison system. A hunger strike that began on June 18th quickly spread to every Greek prison facility; uniting over 4000 rebellious prisoners in resistance against the future implementation of a new set of repressive penal measures that have been designed to undermine the growing social antagonism both inside and outside of the prison walls.

We unfurled banners to block the entrance of the consulate; shouted slogans; and distributed counter-information to passersby. Within a local and international context, we understand solidarity to be an active bond that breaks through borders and boundaries presenting the possibility of connecting the various struggles in the prisons in California, Indiana, Texas, and Washington with those that have been continuously developing and strengthening in Greece.

No Hostage Left Behind in the Hands of the State!

Destroy Every Prison, Visible and Invisible!

War Against the War of the State!