Berlin: ‘Subversives of the nihilist deed’ claim responsibility for arson on Greek diplomat’s car – Media disinformation goes wild

We demand nothing less than the destruction of the beast that keeps the system running.

The ruling democrats strike back with full force. Amid the crisis, they reveal their true face. A face full of enthusiasm, which humiliates, tortures, incarcerates or murders people; a face which smiles happily at the cameras of the world, while thousands of cops break up any resistance with bludgeon and tear gas just around the corner.

However they’re not yet pleased with that. Having managed to break up the resistance in the streets, the dogs of the system have now devoted themselves to crushing every resistance that still exists in prisons, through the total isolation of the prisoners. The domination uses the current intimidation of the great silent majority to take revenge on those who littered Greece in December 2008 with a conflagration. Arising from the revolt, guerrilla groups made the stiff gentlemen in Brussels gasp. Their reaction didn’t take long to come, and it came forcefully. In addition to the EU/ECB/IMF Troika, they sent a bevy of anti-terror experts to Athens to defeat the resistive spirit once and for all. So the new training sessions of the cops quickly paid off. The dogs were initially able to fetch only sticks, but they soon adopted the ideological framework called fascism quite bluntly and openly; a harmonious coexistence, in which the power-hungry democratic fat asses throw themselves down at the feet of fascist thugs. The introduction of the new type-C security prisons is just one more step on the way to complete destruction of all those who are fed up with being oppressed.

We don’t want to stand idly by and watch these goings-on, like many others who have stopped fighting. That’s why we decided to pay a visit to one of their lapdogs in the quiet district of Wilmersdorf, Berlin.

We stand in solidarity with all hunger strikers in the Greek prisons.

We furthermore recall the murder of Ilia Kareli, who was put to death by the assassins called prison guards.

“In this war, loser is whoever goes home. No retreat, no postponement.”
(Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-Fraction of Nihilists, 2009)

Subversives of the nihilist deed