Berlin: An update on the situation at the refugee school in Ohlauer Street

According to a brief report from the 26th of June, here, cops have announced that they will enter the school very soon to “check the situation”. There is a danger that they will use this action to evict the place entirely. Also, they are obviously trying to disturb the cell phone signals in order to make communication impossible.

There were also early morning reports that very few supporters were able to remain outside the school and in front of police barriers. These persons got pressured by cops to register a gathering in their names to save solidarity banners from being thrown into trash by the BSR municipal cleaning service, which got sent there to clean up the whole place. Almost 40 refugees – who are barricaded on the roof of the building – were still loud but got no response to their resistance…

Officials have repeatedly claimed that, on the 24th of June, refugees “left the school voluntarily”. In a call for a demo on June 28th at 6pm in Köln Kalk Post, Cologne, it is mentioned that those who were evicted “are now back in camps from which they fled originally, or simply homeless.”

All in all, there is huge lack of counter-information; at the same time, there are people who have clearly decided to feed twitter and facebook, follow mainstream media, and get seriously intimate with journalists.

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