Greece prisoner hunger strike – Third day (25/6)

Solidarity banner in Patras, Greece on the 21st of June, which reads:

Below are the participants in the hunger strike (to our knowledge, from men’s prisons) in numbers, according to latest updates:

Koridallos (Athens): circa 1,480 prisoners

Patras: circa 550 prisoners

Grevena: 400 prisoners

Domokos: 350 prisoners; also, the rest of the inmates abstain from prison meals to support the struggle.

Larissa: 330 prisoners

Nigrita (Serres): 280 prisoners

Chania (Crete): 280 prisoners

Amfissa: 200 prisoners

Corfu: 120 prisoners

Avlonas: 120 juvenile prisoners

Trikala: 120 prisoners

Malandrino: 120 prisoners

Nafplion: 50 prisoners

The total number amounts to 4,400 prisoners in struggle. This is the most massive hunger strike that has ever taken place in Greek prisons.

Meanwhile, in Alikarnassos prison near Heraklion, Crete, all of the prisoners abstain from prison meals (as far as destitute inmates are concerned, this is almost the same as conducting hunger strike).

As of June 25th, 2014, CCF member Olga Ekonomidou has also joined the hunger strike from the women’s prison.