Mexico City: Update on anarchist prisoners Carlos, Amélie and Fallon

March 28th, 2014.

Various weeks have passed since the last update on the case of the three anarchists arrested on the 5th of January 2014. A variety of events have occurred since then; here is an actualization:

The General Prosecutor of the Republic was not able to find enough elements to maintain the charges of “terrorism and organized crime” against the three, and they were charged with the accusations of “damages and attack on the public peace.” Their process is in the stage of presenting evidence, and the first court dates are set for the 2nd and 3rd of April.

Amelie and Fallon were taken to the women’s prison of Santa Martha, and Carlos to the Reclusorio Oriente. Amelie and Fallon are in the general population area, while Carlos still remains in the “observation and classification” area, but will most likely be moved to the general population in the next few days.

We want to expand a little on the situation of Carlos, explaining a bit about the conditions in which thousands of prisoners live in jails around Mexico City. In these reclusion centres there is a huge network of corruption and collusion between authorities and some of the inmates, who reproduce the prison logic and assume themselves as prison guards over the rest of the prisoners. This network of corruption and collusion not only strengthens the disciplinary role of prisons, but is also big business, as the majority of the prisoners is forced to pay for everything: visits, roll-call, etc. By paying they are saved from being beaten by those other prisoners that enjoy protection of the authorities, who receive part of this money in exchange. These prisoners maintain control over practically the entire prison.

A few days ago we found out that Carlos had a problem with another prisoner, which led him to get into a fight with him. Prison guards intervened and beat both of them, then locked them up for 9 hours in punishment cells. On leaving the disciplinary cell, Carlos was transferred to the ingress area, in which he was for classification. There he was required to pay to be able to get out of the cleaning work known as “fajina”. The compa decided not to pay. The fajina consists of leaning a determined area but under a scheme of hard labour. During the fajina of the first day, Carlos was again beaten by prisoners who were trying to get him to pay.

At this point we know that the compañero is unwell due to the humidity of the punishment cell he was locked up in; also that he has back pains due to the beatings. However he remains strong and firm in his convictions.

Thankfully, the compañeras Amelie and Fallon have not had to deal with these types of situations.

We call for expressions of solidarity with the three anarchists arrested on the 5th of January. We will continue to diffuse their situation.

Freedom to Carlos, Amelie and Fallon!

Solidarity with Mario González!

A greeting to Tripa; that they never stop you!*

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

* Comrade Mario López “Tripa” has escaped into clandestinity and gone underground.