Granada, Spanish State: Branch of Banco Sabadell paint-bombed

In the evening of March 20th (at around 17:30) a branch of Banco Sabadell, located in San Pablo II street in the city of Granada, was attacked with paint. Red paint was spilled on its glass facade and the ATM screen, rendering it useless until they clean or replace it. We also left pamphlets at the spot with a text in solidarity with the comrades accused in the Security Case in Chile, whose trial begins on March 25th.

This action was carried out in the context of the agitation and solidarity week for this case that was particularly called from Chile and was supported by various collectives and individuals from around the globe, among whom we would like to be included anonymously. We furthermore send a message of strength and solidarity to Tamara Sol and the rest of anarchists imprisoned in the dungeons of the Chilean State and the world.

Solidarity and action! Fuck the banks!
Long live anarchy!