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Hamburg, Germany: Eco-supermarket looted

Received May 11th:

Denn’s Markt (a chain of eco supermarkets in Germany) in Altona, Hamburg was looted and lost a few shopping bags of goods (30/04/2016). We are against a world, in which people are divided into winners and losers. In which a few are very rich, while most others barely can afford to eat.

Way too […]

Netherlands: News from Nijmegen

Friday the 14th of February 2014 a group named Muitelingen (Mutineers) placed a table loaded with stolen goods in the shopping street Ziekerstraat in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

A card with a text was attached to each product, saying that the goods were recently stolen. Also the people were encouraged in the text to take some goods […]

Argentina: The Indignity of Normalcy

From Boletín La Oveja Negra:

While in various places around the world an incipient aggression begins to materialize, show itself and organize, in the Argentine State the mass of the population is living in a kind of bubble. Simply criticizing the government is enough to put you on one side, and you are put on the […]

Greece: Spread the revolt!

First, we should make it clear that it is impossible to express in words what we’ve experienced in the streets on February 12th. The street battles in Athens and other Greek cities reached a level of uprising, while the rage of people broke out simultaneously in many places, making the record of each and […]

Athens: ‘I was looking for you in the night, and I was burning with fire’

thoughts on recent events in Athens from random personal blog

Last night, February 12th, in front of a bank that was burning with an eerie blue flame, an old man was standing with a national flag on his shoulder, while his closest relative was taking pictures of him. Perhaps he’ll hang the photo above […]