Vienna: Paint bombing against SEG building

Free Josef (antifascist who’s in custody since 24.1.2014)

In the night between January 31st and February 1st, 2014 we embellished the SEG building located in 10, Spittelauer Lände street with paint bombs.

The SEG-“Urban Renewal and Condominium Association” is just one of many companies that are actively involved in the revaluation of formerly cheaper districts.

The SEG has chosen the revaluation of the Danube Canal and the urban railway arches as current field of activity. In this case, they speak of “picking out a good location and corresponding architecture.”

We find that their concrete block persistently disrupts the view to the Danube Canal, which is known for its graffiti and murals. That’s why we decided to somewhat adapt their white walls to the appearance of the city rail arches’ walls.

Solidarity greetings to the Pizzeria Anarchia collective, acutely threatened with eviction, and also to the comrade who is currently held on remand after the NoWKR protests.*

Against gentrification! Our city remains dirty!

Autonomous Devaluation Association

* Translators’ note: A mass anti-Nazi demonstration on January 24th against the annual Vienna “academic ball”, organized by the FPÖ far right party and attended by hundreds of members of right-wing student fraternities from Austria and Germany. Josef was arrested that night, and his pretrial detention period was recently extended. More info and updates about his case on