Barcelona: Sabotage against anti-abortion foundation

In the early hours of February 10th, 2014 we smashed all the glass windows of the Vidal i Barraquer Foundation, located in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood in Barcelona, to indicate their active complicity with the Spanish Episcopal Conference in preventing abortions. We thus join the days of struggle for autonomous feminism against the new anti-abortion law and in favor of free abortion without charge.

We know that an action involving shattered windows alone is not a revolution, but a total of smashed windows this week, and those to come in support of abortion and against the new law, is a clear sign of increasing rage against all those who intend to decide about our bodies, be it political parties, the Church or any related institution.

The Vidal i Barraquer Foundation is one of the institutions “in support of life”, included as diocese in the Episcopal Conference, who busy themselves with manipulating women sent by the Pro-Life Catalonia Foundation into not getting an abortion, supposedly providing “mediation” and “legal advice”.

Their role is part of the oppression gear that condemns many women to be mothers even when they do not want or cannot afford to give birth. Their idea of family perpetuates the patriarchal system, the very same system that causes abuse involving both male and female children as well as subjection to the macho type, with devastating consequences that too often end in deaths… Pro-life?

That’s why we mark them, thinking it’s a good idea to break glass windows as a form of expression. We will not keep quiet.

Social peace is over!

For the radicalization and generalization of expressions of rage, also from a feminist perspective!

For the death of patriarchy in all its forms!

The week of struggle has only just started, to become their nightmare all year long.

Neither God, nor master, neither State, nor husband or party!