Athens, Greece: Only one month hospitalization for imprisoned guerrilla fighter Savvas Xiros

“Political act is what really counts, not plain words. There are quite many who use big words, and behave differently behind the scenes doing what they do, and by saying this, I do not mean the politicians—their conduct is well known—, I mean people who generally partake in our milieu, so to speak, and use big words but in practice are completely different. And there are others who do not say anything, and because of what they do, with their attitude in general and the things they carry out, have a more political stance than anyone else. And this has also been my choice; by setting myself in motion, and taking action, to cause each time at least problem to the adversary; at least. Because we bear responsibility not only when we act and do something wrong. Our responsibility is much greater when we see specific things happening around us and we do nothing…”
Savvas Xiros

No one left alone in the white prison cells of the State. Solidarity with Savvas Xiros.

Savvas Xiros is self-admitted member of the revolutionary organization “17 November”, sentenced to life in prison. He is a polytrauma patient, suffering myriad of serious health problems. Recall that the medical treatment of Savvas Xiros at the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki, in July 2012, did not even last ten days despite the fact that the judges had ordered five months suspension of his sentence.

On December 19, 2013 the court of Piraeus ruled on a new application of Savvas Xiros for proper medical treatment outside prison. Although the prosecutor’s office proposed five months suspension of his prison sentence on health grounds, the court accepted his hospitalization only for one month in the hospital of Larissa.