Athens: Banner-action at Villa Amalias on December 19, 2013

The banner reads: “Our dreams will become your nightmares. Empty homes belong to us. Villa Amalias”

Below is a text by the Villa Amalias collective.

Villa is here. It still stands at the full height of those who gave rise to the squat for 22 consecutive years, the thousands of individuals who visited the building and created within it.

Its full height feels insuperable.

All those who will sell properties on high prices in the area after its eviction—

All those who direct and play political games in its name—

All those who talk about the makeup of downtown Athens, and devalue human existence day after day—

All those who are subordinates or supporters of Nazi and nationalist formations, and under their skin and in their mind cannot withstand the “thorn” that causes them to bleed, the obstacle that stands against their racist campaign in the district—

All those who bleed us dry day after day under the umbrella of national unity and the land’s rescue—

All these people will never reach the peak of Villa, or of any other squat and self-organized space. Simply because they do not see the peak.

And how could they ever see it when they are only looking at their pockets, the ballot box, the camera, their peace of mind.

You must keep your head up high to see the sky.

From the rooftop, the walls, the yard, the shadows, the breaths, the street…

Squats belong to the people of struggle.

“Our dreams will become your nightmares”

… minions and bosses, shove the €3,500,000 budget for the reconstruction of Villa Amalias up your arse.