Portugal: Comrade António Ferreira de Jesus passed away

With great sadness we report that on Wednesday, November 6th, our comrade António Ferreira de Jesus passed away. A rebel, a libertarian and a fighter for decades inside prisons, António had recently reached his 73 years, and had only been out of jail for the last year and a half. He had been sick for a period of time, but it is still unclear of what he was suffering.

He died in the house where he lived, and not in the hospital, since he would not go somewhere that felt so much like prison.

For those who were close to him, it was clear that his health was directly affected by the decades of imprisonment, suffering the reprisals that a struggling prisoner faces, and being confronted with the difficulties of adapting to a “free” life, that came already too late.

His funeral will be held on Monday, November 11th, at 14:00 in the city of Portimão, Portugal.

For us, António will always remain an example of resistance and determination in the face of the harshest conditions imposed by the State.

May he now have true freedom.

Health and Anarchy!

António’s comrades