Switzerland: Gathering in solidarity with ecoanarchist prisoner Marco Camenisch

On September 20th, 2013 a group set out for the Lenzburg prison in Switzerland. They gathered in front of the south-east wing, where Marco Camenisch is imprisoned. Two banners were put on the prison fence: “Rather TV-weary than radioactive? Free Marco!” and “Another world is necessary – We stand behind you, Marco.” His supporters tried to reach Marco and other prisoners through megaphone and firecrackers; this caused a police operation.

The struggle of Marco Camenisch against the nuclear industry started at the end of the 70s; already back then he was part of a militant resistance. In 1981 he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, among others for having blown up an electricity pylon of a nuclear power plant. Shortly afterwards, he managed to break out of prison and lived in hiding for 10 years. During that time a border patrol agent was shot dead, and later Marco Camenisch was sentenced for that incident. In 1991 he was caught after exchange of fire with Carabinieri. Since then Marco Camenisch has been imprisoned, first in Italy and since 2002 in Switzerland.

By this year Marco has served two thirds of his sentence. His appeal for conditional release got rejected* because he did not disassociate himself from his political standpoint, and remains committed to the fight for another world.

Marco libero

* Additionally, Marco’s recent request for transfer to another prison, with more “open conditions,” has been rejected so far.

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