Greece: Announcement of Athens IMC administration crew regarding recent technical problems

2 November 2013

During the last month, Indymedia Athens is facing a plethora of technical problems. These problems range from coordinated DDoS attacks, to problems in networking equipment, which we have no possibility of accessing. The daily ups and downs of the server, which have occurred over the last week, are exclusively related to the latter category of technical issues. As administration collective of, we are trying to take permanent measures so that the page is available 24 hours every day, measures that need time to be put into place and become effective.

Alternatively, Athens IMC is reachable in two different ways:

1) Via Tor at This address is in fact accessible through the Tor network. The easiest way to reach it is by using the Tor Browser bundle, which is available here

2) Via our temporary blog, which hosts announcements of the administration crew, etc.

Athens IMC administration crew