Girona, Catalonia: Mas Castelló squatters resisted eviction attempt

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In the context of a late-summer camp against the M.A.T. (very high tension power line) in Fellines, close to the city of Girona, activists squatted an abandoned masía (farmhouse) near Orriols, in order to hold activities related to the resistance camp. The building was occupied in late August, and was finally opened to the public on September 1st, 2013.

That same afternoon, anti-riot cops of the Catalan police arrived on the scene and began to remove barricades erected in the surroundings of the farmhouse. Cops threw rocks at people resisting behind the barricades. At the same time others were resisting from the rooftop of the squat. Solidarians and neighbours started to gather in the area, and eleven people (at first believed to be arrested) had their identities checked by police but later released. During the evening, cops managed to reach the squat once again, and ran another identity check. However, the farmhouse wasn’t evicted.

Resisters have made a call for immediate support, by physical presence or solidarity actions in other places, warning of a possible new eviction attempt. Squatters are determined to continue refurbishment works in the Mas Castelló farmhouse, and their open assembly has planned further action over the next days. Read some more here.