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Girona, Catalonia: Statement of woman activist arrested in the vicinity of Mas Castelló squat

Everyday repression in the context of “No M.A.T.” struggle (against the construction of the very high tension power line)

I was stopped by the police on the path to the gas station. What started as what I thought was a random ID check turned into me being arrested due to false allegations by the police, a […]

Barcelona: Endesa electric company sabotaged

Against the M.A.T. and the world which needs it

On the night of September 16th, we sealed off the locks of the Endesa office in the Gran Via district of Barcelona. Endesa is involved in the construction of the very high tension power line (M.A.T. in Spanish) and other high-voltage power lines […]

Girona, Catalonia: Mas Castelló squatters resisted eviction attempt

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In the context of a late-summer camp against the M.A.T. (very high tension power line) in Fellines, close to the city of Girona, activists squatted an abandoned masía (farmhouse) near Orriols, in order to hold activities related to the resistance camp. The building was occupied in late […]

Barcelona: Endesa electric company paint-bombed

Against the M.A.T. and the world which needs it

On Thursday night, August 29th the headquarters of Fecsa–Endesa in Barcelona were paint-bombed. This electricity company is linked to the technological-industrial development, all sorts of harmfulness, and more concretely to high voltage and the very high tension power line (M.A.T. in Spanish).

Girona, Spain: Call for a camping against the M.A.T. very high tension power line


WHAT IS THE M.A.T.? The very high tension power line (M.A.T.) is an electric motorway which transports at least 400,000 volts. It is being constructed in order to connect European States to each other and […]

How to reconnect a disconnected electricity connection (video in Greek)

The steps are very simple: All you need to do is unscrew the electricity supply, making sure you screw it back in once you’re done, to avoid obvious evidence you have tampered with it. Only touch insulated items; avoid the wires. Your hands should be dry while doing this. You need to find […]

Electricity and water are social goods, not merchandise for sale!

Today more than ever, the international and local Capital, the bosses and their political mouthpieces, make an attempt  for a full frontal sweeping assault on society. They dismiss, they reduce wages and pensions, they criminalize and convert any social claim to “terrorist” action, they sell out and commercialize public social goods, they […]