L’Hospitalet, Catalonia: Five banks attacked in solidarity with the 5 prisoners of Sabadell (Barcelona)

We have been active as a group for around a year, during which time we have seen a slight increase in the kind of actions with which we identify. We also have taken similar actions and have decided to make them public through this indymedia, to encourage their replication.

Besides us, there was recently an attempt to frame their actions as part of a “campaign” or similar collection of actions. Afterward, the response was silence from most of the anarchist and nihilist lines in Catalonia (or, at least, nothing was spread on the Internet).

We keep our strategy and political line firm: We see the actions by the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) and other anonymous actions as small winks. We take the opportunity to send a solidarious hug to all those individuals who decided to pass from theory to practice, in relation to direct, material action.

In other communiqués, we have made calls to integrate the strategy of sabotage and/or urban guerrilla warfare in the lives and words that identify with anti-state, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and anti-domination thinking, which is what some of us see as anarchism and others as anarcho-nihilism.

Today, we call for coherence in regards to the 5 prisoners related to the Sabadell hangout.

Currently, we do not have any direct information from them; only words from persons close to them and their relatives. But it seems that already many people rushed to position themselves on the arrestees. The lack of solidarity or reaction from Barcelona is worrying.

All the gazes turn to anywhere else, whilst these prisoners are in FIES isolation regime. Reading the mass media and the judicial order, the analysis went from whether they’re drug dealers or not, to whether they had snitched or not. It seems like, upon entering the Spanish penal and/or penitentiary system, the story of the imprisoned or prosecuted is put into question on political, moral, sentimental and aesthetic grounds.

In the meanwhile, the State is imprisoning 5 individuals who, apparently, defined themselves as anarchists. This is not about blindly supporting (from anarchism) anyone. But the fact is that they were arrested because of something that affects us all. It seems that, sometimes, coherence vanishes from the anarchist church, mostly when the reality breaks the lines in which we are framed; in this case, our response to the State’s attack on anarchism.

The State will not only keep track of how we make our living — this is almost irrelevant — but will try to go after us by hitting where we least expect it trying to generate paranoia, and wherever comrades are more visible hoping to paralyze us.

Lately, it is more and more common for the mass media to point fingers at anarchists, linking them to terrorist groups and people who aim at generating “riots” in the “peaceful” protest movements — such as the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), the 15M ‘Indignados’, etc. Power is testing the waters, preparing the context to strike, and it is doing it publicly, showing “good” and “bad” demonstrators. This is not a new strategy, but we have to be alert and reply in coherence with our statements. Ignoring the situation is not an answer, nor is silence.

Our own reply for the arrestees is the beginning, our struggle is an act of solidarity; the continuation of our attacks is an act of solidarity.

Solidarity with the 5 prisoners!

Facing the State attack to a hangout and to the anarchist movement, we have destroyed 5 banks in the peripheral zone of L’Hospitalet.

Health, anarchy and revolutionary nihilism!
Lobos Negros | Black Wolves