Gothenburg, Sweden: “International solidarity is our only weapon”

“Stop the tortures against political prisoners – Crush fascism – Solidarity with comrades in Greece”

The morning of the 28th of March, in the central part of the city of Gothenburg, a banner was posted at the entrance of a building where, among others, the Greek consulate of Sweden is located, as an action of solidarity to our comrades’ struggle but also as an attempt to diffuse information and resistance. The action was a result of our need to unite our voice with the voice of our comrades who give their everyday struggle in Greece.

We are going through a period characterized by repression at all levels as the selected policy response towards every form of reaction and every voice of resistance acting as opposition to the systemic deliberate decisions, which result to a further destruction of the economy and of the social fabric of the society. A period during which the attempts of misleading and manipulating coming from above lead to the isolation and to the targeting of any form of free will, expression of criticism and any consequent attempt to overthrow the existing political-economic structure. The suppression of autonomous spaces, the suppression of strikes, wanton arrests, the torture of political prisoners, the attempts to silence the free speech and culture, and the general targeting and vindictive practice hold by a fascist state – and its lackeys – against any form of resistance, only serve to rally us and our anger.

Self-organization is the only way we have; international solidarity is our only weapon.

Comrades from Gothenburg

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