Athens: ALF and Chaotics stormed the streets at night

Arson and fire on every cage (A)LF
Rage and consciousness

In the early morning hours of Monday, February 18th, groups of comrades carried out coordinated attacks on various targets in the neighbourhoods of Athens, targets that represent different aspects of a reality that not only we do not perceive as given but instead we arrange for its destruction with all our hatred. Against the authoritarian tombstone of generalized social apathy, our projectuality becomes the chaos of direct action.

Uncompromising solidarity with the captured urban guerrillas of CCF, FAI-IRF, ALF, ELF and with all prosecuted and fugitive comrades. The actions we carried out are as follows:

At two municipal services branches (Citizens’ Service Centres/KEP), paint bombs were thrown, slogans were spray-painted, the locks were glued and the glass walls were hit with a hammer.

The front window of a fur and leather store was paint-bombed.

At the offices of the Greek-Cypriot nationalist student organization ‘DRASIS-KES’, paint bombs were thrown, the locks were glued, slogans were spray-painted, and all of their posters in the area were torn up.

At the house of a scumbag that is known to have thrown animal poisons on the streets, paint bombs were thrown, and the walls and garages were spray-painted.

At a tax office branch slogans were spray-painted and the locks were glued.

Slogans were spray-painted at the offices of a laboratory animal department.

Slogans were spray-painted at the house of a judge.

The front windows of pet shops were spray-painted.

Slogans were spray-painted at the administrative offices of a parish.

Slogans were spray-painted at a butcher shop.

A BMW luxury car brand was spray-painted.

A hunter’s car was spray-painted and smashed with a hammer.

Also, slogans were spray-painted at squares and campuses.

PS. To the cops whom we spotted on our way back: When you were coming, we were going…

Collaboration of groups
ALF // Chaotics

A blade at the neck of every vivisector (A)LF
Can you hear your chains creaking at night? A freedom which is begged for is not even freedom!
Freedom for those who are in prison cells and cages
Animal killer, we have found you
If you ever throw around any animal poison again, we will crush you (A)LF
We will make you eat the animal poisons you throw around
Bullets to the judges
No animal is a commodity (A)LF
Meat is murder (A)LF
Fire on butcher shops
Animal murderer
Have a good career, you assholes
Chaos versus petite-bourgeoisie
A bullet to Dendias (Public Order minister)
Death to the civilization of machine