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Greece: A brief chronology of the state and parastatal attacks against squats and self-organized spaces during 2012 and the beginning of 2013

Hands off the self-organized spaces. Solidarity with the squats!

March 25, 2012: Mass detentions and police raid of the autonomous hangout Baruti in the city of Veria (northern Greece)

April 20, 2012: Cops raid on the squatted social centre VOX and Valtetsiou 60 living squat, both spaces in the neighbourhood of Exarchia, Athens

April 29, 2012: Eviction of Panteion housing squat in Athens

July 2, 2012: Mass detentions and double police raid of the anarchist hangout Nadir and Orfanotrofio squat in Thessaloniki

July 10, 2012: Fascist arson attack against Apertus squat in the city of Agrinio

July 13, 2012: Fascist arson attack causes extensive damage to Draka squat on the island of Corfu

August 18, 2012: Eviction of the occupied municipal market of Kypseli in downtown Athens (seized and operated by the municipal authorities by now)

September 12, 2012: Cops arrest comrades and evict Delta squat in Thessaloniki; among various projects housed there, the anarchist Radio Revolt looses yet another roof; one of the arrested anarchists is held at a detention camp for immigrants and then extradited to Colombia; some of the former squatters are now faced with further prosecutions

September 13, 2012: Fascist arson on the self-managed hangout in the university of Rethymnon on the island of Crete (following an attempted parastatal incendiary attack against the same space on September 6)

October 1, 2012: Eviction of the squatted social centre Afroditis 8 in the city of Veria

October 30, 2012: Eviction of the Spyridonos Trikoupi living squat in Exarchia, Athens

December 20, 2012: Cops evict Villa Amalias squat in Athens

December 22, 2012: Fascist arson attack against the squatted social space Xanadu in the city of Xanthi (northern Greece)

December 28, 2012: Police arrest and beat migrant street vendors, and raid on the self-managed hangout in the ASOEE faculty in Athens; cops also confiscate equipment of the 98FM pirate radio from the same space

January 9, 2013: Eviction of Skaramaga squat in Athens, following a reoccupation attempt of Villa Amalias squat that failed and resulted in mass detentions

January 15, 2013: Police raid on Lelas Karagianni 37 squat in Athens

February 2, 2013: Nazi scum and cops team up to attack the social centre Mperntes and the Villa Zografou squat in the district of Zografou, Athens

February 7, 2013: Fascist arson attack against the anarchist space Thersitis in the district of Ilion, Athens

On February 15, a reoccupation attempt of Skaramaga squat failed, resulting in a police crackdown in the wider area of Exarchia, Athens.

Additionally, various other anti-authoritarian squatting projects are now under threat all over Greece.


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