Tlalnepantla, Mexico: Solidarity mural for a Black February

On Wednesday, February 13th, a mural was painted as part of the Black February call in solidarity with autonomous spaces of the anarchist, anti-authoritarian, libertarian spectrum, their squatters and affinities, in view of liberating one space inside a local university from the capitalistic parasites that are now in charge of the occupation, supposedly keeping it as a space of struggle, but in reality just limiting themselves to a capitalist thinking in collusion with the authority of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), specifically at the Iztacala Faculty of Superior Studies (FES), where this action took place, in the area of the department of Psychology (that’s also why the Psi was painted). Communiqué below.

In response to the international call for a Black February, we occupied this space in solidarity and memory with squats and comrades evicted, kidnapped and still being under attack by the State and the Capital in Greece (recalling that such attacks are not limited to that specific place, but extended to the whole world). Thus, it should be named: __ Social Centre, Autonomous and Self-managed. SkarAmalias 37 Squat.

(The underlined part refers to ‘Liberated’ when the space will indeed be liberated from capitalistic parasites that look like they will stay here, not out of dignity, nor for their own freedom, but for as long as they remain submissive, until the authority points to them they have to leave.)

The name is in solidarity with the squats ‘Villa Amalias’ (evicted since 20.12.2012), ‘Skaramaga’ (evicted on 9.1.2013), as well as ‘Lelas Karagianni 37’ (assaulted by the cops on 15.1.2013), all of them in Athens, Greece.

We plan further activities, taking under consideration both the circumstances and the context in which this action took place, as well as Dr. Drury’s psychology, traitor/infiltrator (associated with libcom) who has unleashed attacks against our very existence — the anarchist, anti-authoritarian, libertarian ‘spectrum’, ‘the movement’. Driven by the TPTG’s call, we will respond to these attacks using psychology ourselves, yet not the institutionalized kind, but we will rather destroy the latter aiming at our own liberation. Strategies against the social psychology of domination will be proposed at the right time, and counter-informative activities will follow, too.

The mural’s lower part reads in full:

“From Mexico to Greece and every corner of the world, solidarity and freedom doesn’t know (nor recognize) any borders.

Diffusion through action, and written subjectivity.

Against their murderous and terrorist politics of immobility, precariousness, ignorance, alienation, segregation and inculture: Direct Action!

If they think they can dominate us, we’ll squat their institutions, we’ll squat and re-appropriate our own thoughts and lives, destroying among us their murderous ‘normality’.

Nothing is finished, everything continues; don’t wait for us, we’re already here: War against the oppressors’ war!

For total liberation! For a new and free world! For anarchy!”

C.S.O. SkarAmalias 37