Santiago, $hile: Comrade Luciano Pitronello faces re-imprisonment threat

Video from a former solidarity rally for comrade Tortuga

On June 1st, 2011, insurrectionalist comrade Luciano (Tortuga) Pitronello suffered severe injuries when a homemade bomb exploded in his hands during a direct action. He was hospitalized and then incarcerated in Santiago prisons, until he stood trial.

On August 15th, 2012, Tortuga was sentenced to six years of supervised freedom for damages, violation of weapons control law, and use of false license plate. However, following the first-instance trial, the prosecution requested the nullification of the verdict, seeking to upgrade the charges and apply the anti-terrorist law against Luciano.

On November 19th, the Santiago Court of Appeals will decide on mistrial motion. Today, the prosecuting authorities argue an ‘erroneous judicial assessment of the facts,’ pursuing to imprison the comrade again.

Thus, on Monday 19/11 by 10.30am, supporters call for a gathering at the Santiago appeals court in active solidarity with Luciano Pitronello.