Italy: Imprisoned anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai got transferred

In the morning of November 12th, Alfredo Cospito was transferred from Sanremo hellhole to the prison of Alessandria, while Nicola Gai was still held in solitary confinement in Sanremo. On November 14th, Nicola Gai got transferred to another prison, too (unknown so far). Both comrades are accused of shooting CEO Roberto Adinolfi of Ansaldo Nucleare in Genoa, action claimed by the Olga Cell/FAI-FRI in May 2012.

Meanwhile, after the news of the first prison transfer, the scheduled solidarity gathering for Alfredo and Nicola (initially in front of Sanremo prison) was relocated to Alessandria. The rally will take place on Saturday, November 17th, by 15.00 (local time) in front of Alessandria prison.

Updates will follow here. You may send your letters to:

Alfredo Cospito
Carcere San Michele, strada Casale 50/A, IT-15122 Alessandria

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