Thessaloniki: Texts about the Public Power Corporation’s attempts to cut off Delta squat’s electricity supply

Since late July, Delta squat is being actively repressed by DEI (Public Power Corporation, PPC) that attempts to cut off the space’s electricity supply. The electric power company got the green light from the Alexandreio Technological Education Institute (ATEI) of Thessaloniki, which is the legal owner of the building (squatted for 5 years already).

This squat hosts an array of autonomous political projects that act aggressively towards the existing system of exploitation and try to contribute to individual and social liberation. CopyRiot is a self-organized printing infrastructure for the antagonist movement which aims to disseminate subversive discourse by all available means.

Clearly, every attack against Delta squat by whomsoever it comes (DEI – ATEI – the State) constitutes an attack on all active infrastructures involved in the squat and all those who are struggling. Therefore, our solidarity with Delta squat is more than obvious. We will fight anyone who’s moving aggressively against the squat and our struggles.


CopyRiot –self-organized undertaking housed in Delta squat
Thessaloniki, August 2012

The State’s desire to suppress the squats and self-managed spaces, that are considered a threat and danger to its existence, has now been fulfilled by the Public Power Corporation and its intention to interrupt the power supply in the building of Delta squat.

It is no coincidence that this repressive strike in Thessaloniki took place after the recent invasion of cops in the anarchist hangout Nadir and Orfanotrofio squat, especially since there were no significant reactions after that operation. In other words, we’re experiencing the targeting of the anarchist movement and a widespread effort to take it down, especially during the summer, for obvious reasons.

Besides, the Public Power Corporation dares to sell a commodity that is essential for people’s survival and is willing to do everything to ensure the price. Being a state enterprise, it is able to understand that the cost of a squat’s electric bill debts is nothing compared to the cost of the State’s disorganization that any squat can primarily achieve. Because squats also host collectives that through self-management run buildings which some owners or state officials left blighted, and have turned them into bases of counter-information and, simultaneously, of active deeds for the destruction of all forms of Power and therefore of the State.

So, on the grounds that ‘the end justifies the means’, the State decided to interrupt the electricity supply, being under the illusion that this would interrupt the squat’s operation.

Hands off all squats

Independent School Students –grassroots collective housed in Delta squat
Thessaloniki, August 2012

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