Montevideo, Uruguay: March against Aratirí until Canal 4 TV station (13/9)

September 13th demonstration at 18.00, from the ‘Artigas’ Professors’ Institute/IPA to the Canal 4 TV station, in Montevideo (before the October 12th mobilization against new monster mine in Uruguay)

The earth is not dying – they are killing it; and the mainstream media is trying to cover it up. These media outlets are accomplices in this plan, and we want to publicly denounce that they disinform, manipulate and lie. While the soya, deforestation, agricultural pollutants, cellulose and projects like the megaport or the megamine threaten our land, our water, our air and our lives, the mainstream media spend their time reporting on banalities, superficialities and ridiculous occurrences that often have no concern to the general public.

The oligarchic families that control the Press, like the Romay and Salvo media empires, benefit from promoting morbid fascinations, ignorance and fear. Multinationals, businessmen and politicians actively participate through these television channels to manipulate the population with total impunity.

For those of us who are exploited, find our environments polluted, are forced to move from our homes and have all our rights violated, there is no voice in the media… but we still have it in the streets. We are strong: We say NO TO THE MEGAMINES.

In other countries where such extensive mining projects now exist, like for example in Peru and Argentina, the populations are movilizing themselves against the pollution and devastation that this activity produces. This is a subject of which the mainstream media SPEAKS NOTHING, THEY CONCEAL ALL THE TRUTH.

With one month to go before the nationwide day of action on the 12th of October, when thousands of people will gather from all over the country, many of them already being affected by the Aratirí mining franchise, we say STOP THE LIES, STOP THE MANIPULATION, NO MORE MONSTER MINES, NO MORE MEGAPROJECTS; YES TO LIFE.

Coordination group against large-scale development projects