London, UK: Resist the 2012 Olympic Games of Profit, Control and Repression

In times of war for the imposition of global domination, where the bosses proceed to inter-state coalitions and capitalist completions, coordinating their operations in the name of “anti”terrorism to establish totalitarian control and to loot the world…

In times of an all-out attack against the peoples of the so-called “third world”, whose genocide from starvation and diseases and their enslavement in the dungeons of mass production-multinationals’ colonies are nourishing the well-being of the “developed” world; whose death during the new order’s crusades and under military occupation, their confinement and torturing inside concentration camps and the attempts to neutralize their resistance have become the foundation stone for the Security of domination’s projects…

Today, the Olympics concentrate the State’s effort to deepen its authority in society, repressing all those resisting its plans. But this campaign is not adequate to instill fear, discourage and deter the multiform expressions of social and class struggle. On the contrary, it is a condition highlighting the necessity to intensify and spread this struggle in every front the bosses are opening with their aggression and in every front they try to close to their account.

We antagonize the projects of the growing commercialization and surveillance of public spaces, reclaiming them and transforming them to spaces of resistance. We sabotage social peace. We resist the “anti”terrorist war inside and outside the borders. We stand in solidarity with political prisoners and persecuted social fighters. The Olympic Games are a front-window of capitalism and domination itself.

We act together with all those revolting against the dictatorship
of the State and Capital.



let the olympic games die in the land they were born