June 11th in Athens: News on the appeals court of anarchist André Mazurek, prisoner of the December ’08 uprising

Today marks the second anniversary of the international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and other long-term anarchist prisoners.

On the same day in Athens, a solidarity gathering was called for the appeal trial of comrade Andrzej Mazurek, who was convicted on frame-up charges amid the December ’08 riots. He was incarcerated in Larissa prisons when fellow prisoners spread his case widely for the first time in December 2011. That’s how Andrzej was even named ‘the forgotten prisoner of the December 2008 rebellion’ by the Assembly of solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters/Athens.

After the appeal hearing of June 11th, 2012, his prison term was reduced to 8.5 years. Since he has completed already 2/5 of his sentence, he is anticipated to be released within a short time. We are waiting for more details, but there’s no need to wait to show solidarity to Andrzej and other dignified fighters.

Here follows a message from the June11.org solidarity group in the US.

Happy June 11th! Good luck in your show of solidarity, and thank you.

We’d like to share this urgent call from Athens in solidarity with one of many long-term anarchist prisoners in Greece:

Let’s make the 11th of June also a support day for imprisoned anarchist Andrzej Mazurek, who immigrated to Greece from Poland in 2007, put all his passion into the days of revolt in December 2008, and is held in the prison cells of the Greek State ever since; therefore, he is the only prisoner from that period of generalized uprising. His appeals court was set for the 11th of June in Athens. Recently, the comrade himself wrote in a solidarity call with his case: “I have been sentenced to 11 years in prison, and I will be tried in the Mixed Jury Court of Appeals on Loukareos Street on the 11th of June 2012; for that I am asking for your solidarity if and in any way you find proper…”

You’ll be pleased to know that on June 10th, for the solidarity block party [mikrofoniki] in Bloomington, Indiana, one of the statements read over a PA was regarding the situation of political prisoners in Greece, including Andrzej, and that those comrades who are imprisoned in Greece are on our minds and in our hearts as well. The words for our comrades could be heard throughout the entire downtown of our small city. We hope this small gesture brings warmth and strength to those imprisoned by the State and those fighting against this prison society.


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