Athens/Piraeus: Solidarity demo on Friday, April 27th, outside Koridallos prisons

‘war to the bitter end … our release from prison
shall be done by ourselves and our comrades’

Christos Tsakalos, April 18th (radio98fm recording)

Immediate fulfillment of the demands set forth by the anarchist hunger strikers in Koridallos prisons

Kostas Sakkas, Alexandros Mitroussias, Giorgos Karagiannidis, who are on hunger strike since 6/4/12 demanding the immediate release of anarchist Stella Antoniou on health grounds, as well as the lifting of their new pretrial incarcerations; the comrades are accused of the 250 actions claimed by the R.O. CCF, although they deny having any participation in the organization …

CCF members Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, who are on hunger strike since 8/4/12 demanding their final transfer from Domokos prisons to Koridallos prisons, where they are at this moment; other CCF members went on hunger strike too, demanding their comrades’ transfer

Freedom to those prosecuted for the CCF case
Struggle for dignity and freedom inside and outside the prisons

DEMO on Friday, 27/4/12, at 6pm in Eleftherias Square, Koridallos

Assembly of solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters