Santiago, $hile: Call for book contributions for an anarchist library

To create spaces antagonist to Power!


In the squatted space ‘La Kólera’ (located on Presidente Errázuriz #2845, on the corner with Libertad Street, in downtown Santiago), the creation of an anarchist library is attempted, with the aim to spread the anarchist seed. This library is raised as one of exclusive political character and a meeting point of comrades, thus we ask for solidarity in order to build up this small but indomitable space.

We request donations of anarchist books that one might have at home getting dusted, or propaganda material which we feel is necessary to share with all those who want to learn something more. For those that wish to donate, please come in contact with the editorial group Afila Tus Ideas or Entropía Ediciones, since the squat is not operating on regular hours.

Solidarity with the squatted spaces!
To pose libertarian and antagonist alternatives against domination!

PS. The opening of the library is expected to take place in mid or late April. Activities for its construction will soon start.