A letter from Tomo on the recent crackdown against anarchist comrades in Italy

On Thursday, March 29th, during the night, by order of the general prosecutor’s office of Perugia and the pubblico ministero (public prosecutor) Manuela Comodi, diverse house searches were carried out against four anarchists in various cities (Pisa, Ravenna, Genoa, etc.); different divisions of the carabiniers were mobilized, including the Anti-Crime Section from Bologna and the Anti-Subversion and Technical Investigations units of the Special Operations Group (Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, ROS) from Rome.

At 4.05, I found myself with six carabiniers that plunged into the house (2 local, 2 ROS and 2 of the aforementioned Anti-Crime Section) in search of documentary material, useful material for assembly of explosive parcels, and so forth. All this happened because of my affinity relationships with the comrades of Culmine and my comrade who is involved along with me in the project ParoleArmate.

During the house search, the cops commented in sarcastic way on everything they could lay their hands on, which only increased my feeling of nausea, hatred and disgust towards them.

After three hours of searching and rummaging, they returned to the police department with two cardboard boxes full of material (the one was returned to me immediately, while the other was kept as it was considered useful for investigation purposes).

They took everything: a computer, 3 cell phones, around forty books, pamphlets, leaflets, letters (with particular attention to material about the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, which comprised two letters and a few brochures), a pair of gloves, old handwritten sheets, and so on.

I was compelled, that very morning, to go to the provincial department of carabiniers, where I was handed the record of house search and sequestration; that’s when I found out that, among the four whose houses were searched, I was the only one not to be put under investigation.

My comrades have been charged under articles 110, 112, 270bis and 280 (of the Italian Criminal Code).

This operation is nothing but the umpteenth attempted act in order to repress and intimidate those who are refractory and rebellious, trying to put off the anarchist and insurgent fire that burns inside of us. Needless to say they haven’t even remotely succeeded in their aim. We continue in the non-path, the one of flames and hatred, without retreating even one millimeter.

Words, thoughts and hands arm themselves; we concretize our rage, our desire and need for destruction. We attack.

An accomplice embrace of fire to all the prosecuted comrades and all in affinity who have demonstrated their vicinity and solidarity, among whom are the comrades of the Cerberus Editions (Edizioni Cerbero) and the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. May the blaze of anarchist insurrection spread and propagate from the heart and the eyes of the indomitable in the whole world to the streets of cities and metropolises, notwithstanding all the attempts to confine and extinguish it.

This is why I join the cry of my comrades:


Tomo, April 2nd, 2012, al Culmine del Nulla
… at the Culmination of Nothing.

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