Germany: A-Netz supports the mobilizations of March 31st

The Anarchistische Netzwerk Südwest* (Anarchist Network Southwest) supports with the following call the Europe-wide day of action, the mobilizations against capitalism in March 31st, 2012. On that day there will be actions in numerous European cities. The M31-alliance is supported by anti-authoritarian, anarchist and grassroots groups. In the FRG, a central action will be held in Frankfurt on March 31st.

Capitalism is not just a phrase, is not just an empty battle cry of anarchist and leftist organizations. It threatens humanity and nature, destroys daily lives and livelihoods on this planet. If we do not bring down this system, then it will bring us down. At worst, it will take our lives, if that serves its survival. Capitalism forces people to always be on the lookout for new opportunities of utilization and exploitation, at regional, national or global level. All are affected by this: also we, who try to fight capitalism, reproduce it as a mechanism for action. The State and its institutions take over the task to maintain the capitalist relations of production by any means necessary.

In 2011, the planet experienced a wave of resistance against the intolerableness of this system, as with revolutionary movements in Egypt and Tunisia, with Occupy movement in New York or Oakland, or with general strikes and mass demonstrations in Greece and Spain. Many people and groups, that were and are active in these struggles, have a common goal: to overcome the prevailing circumstances and the political and economic system. Everywhere grows the willingness and courage of the people to take their concerns into their own hands at last. Self-organization, grassroots democracy and creativity create spaces, in which there is an attempt to escape the capitalist relations. Thus, these relations are increasingly being called into question. The system gets cracks in its facade, and these are growing from resistance to resistance.

In order to overcome capitalism, in order to achieve conditions in which the life of humanity is at the center, in which every person can live a good life, we need to make more cracks in the system, we must tear down the system and its structures of Power once and for all, and finally use the resources of this planet sensibly, collectively and in solidarity. This can only happen if we organize, as well as exchange and develop joint forms of action beyond land boundaries and locality logics, aiming at overcoming the prevailing conditions.

Thus, as Anarchistische Netzwerk Südwest* we join the pan-European proclamation by the alliance called ‘march31’ and call upon everyone to take part in the demonstration and the main actions in Frankfurt am Main. For this purpose, we will organize car pools and buses.

Supporters from the A-Netz are: Libertäre Gruppe Karlsruhe, Libertäres Bündnis Ludwigsburg, Saarland, Offenburg, Anarchistisches Netzwerk Tübingen, Emanzipatorische Gruppe Konstanz, Freie Arbeiter*innenunion (FAU) Stuttgart, Anarchistische Gruppe Freiburg


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