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Bielefeld: Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons

Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greece! Fire to all prisons!
Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greece! Long live anarchy

During the night of April 3rd, we hung banners in Bielefeld in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons.

The fact that Greece is currently governed by the leftist party Syriza is something being celebrated by large parts of the German Left, but we don’t allow ourselves to be deterred by this. For us, a leftwing party does not represent any alternative.

We still refuse to accept any authority, government or State.

The fight for liberation knows no borders; so, we send solidarity greetings to the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all other combative prisoners.

Victory to the fight of the hunger strikers in Greek prisons!

Long live anarchy!


in French, Greek

Bielefeld, Germoney: Another dead, another reason to fight

In memory of Pavlos Fyssas there is a banner at the autonomous center (AJZ) in Bielefeld, which reads: “Athens: Antifascist Pavlos Fyssas murdered by fascists. Another dead! Another reason to fight!”

Also posters appeared in the streets of Bielefeld. The text on it explains how Pavlos Fyssas (Piraeus) and Clément Méric (Paris) were murdered by fascists, and how Ahmet Atakan (Antakya) was killed by a teargas grenade from cops in Turkey. It reads:

“What do these dead have in common? They are only three of the many who died; the many who remain nameless, but whom we do not want to forget. Victims of racist and fascist attacks. Victims of state terror, or both at once.

All three—Pavlos, Clément and Ahmet—were politically active and were killed for that reason.

We don’t want to be scared off by their death. But we want to confer dignity on their death by continuing the struggle against oppression.”

received from Infoladen Anschlag Bielefeld

Bielefeld, Germany: Banner drop in solidarity with the evicted squats in Patras


We heard about the eviction of the squats in Patras/Greece. So we put up a banner on the local autonomous centre to show our solidarity and inform the people here.

The banner reads: “Squats Parartima, Maragopouleio, Steki at TEI evicted in Patras. Fight back the state attacks! Freedom for all!”.

Keep on fighting!

Rage and lots of regards from Bielefeld/Germany

translation in Greek here

Hamburg, Germany: Solidarity with the revolting people in Greece

The crisis is the fucking system!

In Greece, people struggle against the direct results of decisions made by German and other European politicians above their and our heads. The anti-Greece-propaganda of the German Press is disgusting to us.

Our solidarity goes out to those in strike and struggle, who are imprisoned and see themselves confronted with repression. Also, we send solidarity to the Greek revolutionaries of the urban guerrilla group ‘Revolutionary Struggle’, who are confronted with the courts for their ideas and struggles.

During the nights of February, 27th and 28th, we attacked six banks in Hamburg. It’s a small, but clear sign to attack banks in Germoney; for example, we were inspired by an action of solidarity in Bielefeld, and we hope that a lot of people will do the same and send solidarity to the revolting people in Greece and rage and stones against the banks and their system.

May a lot of people get to the streets in Frankfurt and everywhere on March 31st and any other time!

For a hot summer! Freedom!

Germany: Direct action in solidarity with the revolts in Greece

Bielefeld, Germoney, Friday, February 17th

Our hearts beat for freedom. When we look to Greece where thousands, each time more intense, rise in revolts against State, Capital, social cuts, exploitation and oppression and show their anger, they beat even faster.

In solidarity with the revolting we want to take part in spreading the uprising here, in the nearly pacified territory of capitalism.

We stand full of passion for a free, solidaritarian society in which everyone self-determines her_his life and in which money has no role when it comes to the question of (basic) needs.

In deep denial of the ruling system of money, privileges and authority, we took our anger against the windows of a ?Commerz?bank and an ATM in the city of Bielefeld in the night of February 17th.

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