Athens: Revolutionary Struggle case trial – In dedication to Lambros Foundas


Declaration of the members of Revolutionary Struggle on February 6th, 2012, regarding the armed scuffle of Dafni, in which Lambros Foundas was killed in battle with the police

The repressive operation against the Revolutionary Struggle started with an armed scuffle in Dafni on March 10th, 2010, when our comrade Lambros Foundas was killed in battle with the policemen Andreas Haskis and Theodoros Koumarapis.

Even though this incident became the starting point of the investigations which resulted in our arrests, the appellate prosecutor Makropoulos did not summon the two policemen killers of Lambros Foundas to testify in this trial, but only called to the stand the lady owner of the car which the comrades attempted to expropriate, with the aim of using it in an action of the organization.

It is obvious that the two policemen were not summoned by the judicial authorities not for any other reason than to be protected, thus, as we have said before, proving the coalescence of judicial and police authorities. It is obvious that the appellate prosecutor sought to protect the murderers of Lambros Foundas.

This does not surprise us. We have similarly not been surprised by the fact that the circumstances of Lambros Foundas’ assassination were not investigated and will not be investigated by any judge. The role of the judges, as well as this court of course, is to protect the classist interests of the bosses, the wealthy and their lackeys and henchmen, who are none other than the police officers.

And this demonstrates the hypocrisy of the state justice, because when judges and other officials of the regime talk about the value of human life, they mean exclusively the lives of their class peers, those that they themselves are serving, i.e. the same people who comprise the economic and political Power, and those that are protecting them, namely the members of police force.

For the judges and this court, valuable is the life of thugs and praetorians of the regime, such as [the cops] Mantzounis, Margellos, Stamos, all who are trained and paid to assault, torture and kill. And even more valuable for this court is the life of individuals like the former Public Order Minister Voulgarakis, who is hated by the people. According to the classist ‘justice’, the value of human life is measured in terms of class position of every one of us; measured by whether it serves the Power and the criminal regime called capitalism and market economy.

Lambros Foundas will be remembered as a freedom fighter who gave his life preparing for yet another Revolutionary Struggle’s blow against the regime.

He gave his life so the occupation of the Greek government, the IMF, the ECB and the EU could not pass; so the current junta of the State and the Capital could not pass; so the new totalitarianism that the economic and political elite wants to impose worldwide, on the occasion of the global financial crisis, could not pass. Lambros Foundas gave his life fighting to make the crisis an opportunity for the Social Revolution.

On the contrary, Lambros Foundas’ murderers Andreas Haskis and Theodoros Koumarapis shall remain recorded in history as mercenaries and members of an assassins’ mechanism. They shall remain recorded in history as stooges of an unjust and criminal regime, stooges and lackeys of those who loot, oppress and exploit the people.

Just as this court will be recorded in history as a special court that hears revolutionaries and combatants who are fighting for the destruction of capitalism and the State, as a court representing the traitors of the people, the contemporary collaborationists who are at the service of the supranational economic elite.

It is our duty as members of Revolutionary Struggle to vindicate Lambros Foundas in this court of the class enemy. Besides that, the political responsibility claim for our participation in Revolutionary Struggle was a matter of course, in order not only to stand up for our organization, but also to defend our comrade.

For us, his comrades in Revolutionary Struggle, Lambros Foundas is not deceased. He is in our blood and the air we breathe as fighters. He is within our goals and objectives. He is identified with our organization and our struggle. Every day, every moment, he is present. HE IS IMMORTAL.

The members of Revolutionary Struggle
Pola Roupa, Kostas Gournas, Nikos Maziotis

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