Athens: A special New Year’s Eve ‘offer’

On Saturday 31–12/11, nearly 80 anarchists expropriated a supermarket in downtown Athens, sharing out the staple foods in Exarchia Square where other comrades from the neighbourhood were having a gratuitous bazaar. The response of people was warm.

They also handed out the following communiqué:

Let’s take back what belongs to us

Within the framework of solidarity among the oppressed and against the consuming compulsion of nowadays, today, December 31st, 2011, we expropriated staple goods from the supermarket Veropoulos at the junction of Stournari and Tritis Septemvriou streets.

Our purpose was their redistribution to fellow people, in an attempt to break the depression of those who feel disadvantaged during these ‘bright–holy’ days and cannot even buy the commodities that they need in order to survive.

Certainly, our act does not classify us among the privileged of this world who are not in need themselves, so they help the poor. We recognize ourselves among the bulk of oppressed who refuse to devour their fellow human (native or immigrant) and counter-attack the bosses that get rich by sucking the blood of those who are from below in this world.

We welcome 2012 with rage and class consciousness
and we wish individual and mass expropriations everywhere.