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Germany: Direct action against prisons in Hamburg

On December 30th a crowd of people gathered shortly — but well seen and heard — in front of the custody and deportation prison of Holstenglacis in Hamburg. A banner with the words ‘Freedom for all – Against all walls’ (in German) was held and a few words against all prisons and greetings to the prisoners were spoken. Protesters threw a lot of fireworks, while the gate, the entrance and a watchtower were coloured with paint bombs. When the pigs arrived, the people ended the action and left. In the evening, a lot of identity controls of random people in the area happened.

Greetings to the NYE anti-prison demos in Berlin, Bremen, Köln, Stuttgart and all over the world!

For a world without oppression and exploitation!

A flyer (in German) was handed out during the action. It’s about the recent death of a prisoner in the Holstenglacis prison. He took his life but was actually murdered by the prison, the State, this reality. > pdf of the flyer

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