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Athens: Double supermarket expropriation by anarchists in Peristeri


Nowadays, nothing is more infuriating than watching the bosses keeping on the same feast of lies, acting as if nothing has happened, as if a bright future awaits us within capitalism; as if the attack that we experience is simply a digression caused by a few corrupted politicians, and not by the system of exploitation as a whole. And now that some technocrats-bankers undertook the administration of the ‘nation’ under seal, everything will be magically solved, if only we can be ‘patient’, make more sacrifices, bend the head day after day… WE the workers, unemployed, strangers, WE the oppressed, and in no case the Capital and its mechanisms.

And now, even within this condition of the collapsed fairytale about the endless consumption and the capitalism where everyone fits in, they urge us once again to wear our decent clothes, rush to the shopping malls and buy, buy, buy, or at least to recall the days that we could do so with borrowed money; to build up the customary Christmas celebration as we can and intentionally forget that new measures, new humiliations will be waiting for us tomorrow, and that as long as we don’t resist, any tomorrow will only be worse.

This world hides under its shimmering lights the continual degradation of our lives, and cannot be reformed —it can only be overthrown, and there is no ready solution for its overthrow.

The creation of solidarity and mutual aid structures among the oppressed is required in order to handle the conditions and consequences produced by the function of the capitalist machine, whether we are in a period of crisis or development; structures that shall support confrontational practices and class struggles; structures that shall meet the collective fulfillment of the everyday needs of each and every one of us.


Workers–Unemployed from the neighbourhoods of the metropolis
December 24th


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    December supermarket expropriations in Greece

    [Posted on December 31, 2011 by This Is Our Job]

    During the month of December, Greek anarchists intensified their propaganda for the popular reclamation of everything stolen from us every day by the powerful. Several direct actions were carried out at temples of capitalist consumption in different areas.

    In Volos, two supermarkets were expropriated during the combative protest of Thursday, December 1, which took place in the context of the countrywide general strike. Protesters invaded outlets of the AB Vasilopoulos and Carrefour Marinopoulos chains located on November 2nd Street, coming away with food and other staple products to be given to Greek Steelworks workers in the Athens suburb of Aspropyrgos, who have been on strike for two months now.

    On Monday, December 19, there were two more expropriations in separate Athens neighborhoods. In Neos Kosmos, a group of comrades expropriated products from a supermarket belonging to the Extra chain and distributed those products at a nearby open-air market. In Peristeri, another group of comrades expropriated an outlet of the Carrefour chain, also distributing the products at a nearby open-air market while handing out flyers explaining their action, which was carried out in solidarity with the Greek Steelworks strikers.

    Direct actions in Peristeri continued on Saturday, December 24, when dozens of comrades from various metropolitan neighborhoods blocked traffic on the street connecting Constantinopouleos Avenue and Andrea Papandreou Avenue, unfurling a banner that read: Expropriate the supermarkets, war on the bosses. They then expropriated two supermarkets and made for a nearby open-air market, chanting slogans along the way. At the market, they distributed the expropriated products along with texts that called for counterattack on the capitalist world.

    10, 100, 1000 expropriations!
    War on the bosses’ war!

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