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Athens: Attack on fascists’ lair in Peristeri

I’d really like us to hunt fascists together…

On October 13th, late at night, the gym-fascist lair that Apergis owns on Thivon street in the area of Peristeri was attacked with paints and stones. Apergis, Golden Dawn organized member since a lot of years, has been the right hand of Golden Dawn MP […]

Athens: Bus fare evader dead after scuffle with ticket inspector

In the night of August 13th, a ticker inspector inside a moving trolley bus pressured a 19-year-old to hand over his identity card and pay a fine for not having a ticket, threatening to take him to the nearest police station should he not comply with his authority. After some moments, the bus driver […]

Athens: Anti-repression leaflet by the open popular assembly in Peristeri

“If we don’t resist in every neighbourhood, our cities will become modern prisons”

October 20th


On Wednesday, September 26th, day of general strike, thousands of people protested against the upcoming harsh anti-labour measures, which will bring further impoverishment in our lives.

From early in the morning, heavy police […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks against the Greek nationalist-fascist party Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn

(from the arson attack on the neo-Nazi party’s local offices in Pangrati)

(from the arson attack on the neo-Nazi owner’s business in Peristeri)

(from the arson attack on the neo-Nazi owner’s business vehicle in Peristeri)

Those who sow terror must receive our hatred.

Alibis no longer sell…

There […]

Athens: Statement by the open people’s assembly of Peristeri regarding racist police violence

Petros Kapetanopoulos is one of us In the evening of Saturday, July 21st, Petros Kapetanopoulos came out from his home in Sepolia as soon as he heard trouble in his neighbourhood. In the small park across the street, he saw a police patrol car stopped, an immigrant lying on the ground and a […]

Athens: Double supermarket expropriation by anarchists in Peristeri


Nowadays, nothing is more infuriating than watching the bosses keeping on the same feast of lies, acting as if nothing has happened, as if a bright future awaits us within capitalism; as if the attack that we experience is simply a digression caused by a […]