Raids across Italy for the clashes on October 15th in Rome

October 17th, 2011

According to updates from Rome, the hearings this morning confirmed the arrest of 12 protesters. It wasn’t a summary process but validation of precautionary measures in prison.

The 12 are currently detained in Rebibbia and Regina Coeli prisons, and we’re waiting to find out their addresses for correspondence.

Apparently, all house searches were executed with the use of section 41 of the Unified Code of Public Security Laws ‘TULPS’ (use of weapons and explosives). In all the dwellings clothing and printed material were viewed, photographed or confiscated.

In Rome alone, computer equipment (PCs, hard drives, storage media) was confiscated —an operation not allowed theoretically under the section 41 of TULPS.

Lecce: In the morning cops raided the homes of two comrades without having a warrant but implementing the section 41 of TULPS. The carabiniers were looking for ‘weaponry’, making reference to the protest march in Rome.

Cosenza: Raids against eight comrades, apparently all with negative results as regards to the expectations of the police headquarters.

House searches have also been confirmed in Teramo, Naples (against 10 comrades –unconfirmed) and Florence (against 14 comrades). Also, in Florence the squatters of ‘La riottosa’ spent the morning on the rooftop, amongst threats and intimidation, to resist a repressive operation.

Confirmed raids in Rovereto (2 residences), Milan (6, to be confirmed), Senigallia (2), Livorno (2 residences), Palermo (4), Rome (6) and Bologna (6 or 8, to be confirmed) with photographs or confiscation of clothing. No comrade restrained.

Sources: informa-azione, culmine

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