Athens: Ali Mohammed Rasul, 12-year-old undocumented immigrant, was arrested for scavenging through waste

On October 5th in the neighbourhood of Dafni, in Athens, 12-year-old Ali Mohammed Rasul was arrested by cops while scavenging through a waste bin. He was taken to a local police station and then was transferred to Amygdaleza juvenile detention centre in Thrakomakedones, northwestern Attica, because he didn’t have papers. The 12-year-old boy has another two underage siblings and his mother staying in the city, and wishes to be rejoined with them.

When we contacted the detention centre in which he is held we were told that should the mother herself have legal documents (which she hasn’t) she could collect him; however, should she try to visit the centre without having papers herself, she would also be arrested as illegal immigrant. Furthermore, the children’s humanguards responded that the 12-year-old boy will stay in detention for a period of six months up to one year, supposedly for his own best interest, where he will allegedly be given comforts as juvenile, and after one year will be served with a deportation order.

It is repeated that the child wants to return to his family and does not wish to stay in any detention centre of the so-called Welfare State. We call for the concern and the solidarity of comrades, as well as legal aid, in order for the boy to rejoin his family.

Comrades, this is an urgent matter. Telephone contact number (as in previous immigrants’ cases): +30 6949541712

No law can be that strong to split a mother from her child.

We know that the EU subsidy for the detention of immigrants is higher than morality in the minds of state torturers and pimps; now it is confirmed for underage children.

People in solidarity

sources:, occupied london