Halandri, northern Athens: Anarchist intervention in a municipal open theatre

On Friday evening, July 8th, comrades of Prapopoulou squat made a double-purpose intervention during a summer concert in Rematia Theatre (Evripidio). A table with counter-information texts was set for about three hours at the theatre entrance, while a lot of people were urged to get into the concert for free. The squatters’ move has been welcomed, and an amount of financial solidarity was collected, although there were minor conflicts with the concert’s organizers and municipal agents who tried to prevent the intervention.

‘Reappropriation of public space, against commercialization’ and ‘State terrorism will not pass–Factual support of the arrestees of June 28th–29th’ were the two topics of the main text that was distributed and read from a microphone to the audience at the beginning of the concert. A solidarity banner was unfolded on stage.

On the one hand, the comrades of Prapopoulou squat demonstrated their factual opposition to the control, fencing and entrance fees that apply in respect to this municipal open theatre, which is located in the natural landscape of Rematia (‘Stream’). They also took a stand against the commercialization of every aspect of daily life, in the current context of an increasingly tougher attack on society by the State and the capitalists.

On the other hand, their intervention aimed at counter-information regarding the brutally repressive incidents during the 48hour general strike of June 28th–29th. The squatters briefed people about the extortionate penalties that were imposed on the demonstrations’ arrestees. They circulated boxes for financial aid in order to raise a bails’ amount. They also spoke about the need of practical solidarity with those who resist in the streets and squares.

Sources: athens.indymedia, protovouliaxalandriou