Manifestation–debate on squares and neighbourhoods: Between barbarity and autonomy

The squares and neighbourhoods come on the foreground once again.

Some descend deeper into a swamp of antisocial criminality resulting from the escalating poverty, racism and a situation of generalized cannibalism. Others constitute places where people meet and participate in open assemblies trying to resist the assault by the State and Capital.

Today, public spaces may consist areas where a thousand different things emerge: from the most promising to the grimiest.

The squares and neighbourhoods are potential battlegrounds in a society that is called imperatively to take a stand: either in favour of the revolutionary overthrow and social self-determination, or in favour of the new totalitarianism.

The way in which we organize ourselves, we intervene, we confront the rescue forces of this system and the electioneering processes; the way in which we clash with the enemies of freedom, we connect the fields of labour and neighbourhood, are issues of direct exploration and, most of all, of direct action.

Friday, July 8th, 7.30 pm
Small Theatre of Lofos Strefi (Exarchia, Athens)

group of libertarian communists

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