Party for financial aid to the arrestees of June 28th–29th in order to cover juridical costs and bails

Solidarity initiative’s announcement for the financial support of those arrested at the general strike of June 28th–29th:

This initiative was created on Friday, July 1rst, and consists of arrestees and people in solidarity. The purpose of our initiative is to help meet the high-cost bails and juridical expenses that were imposed on a blackmailing short period of one week.

We act independently, and we are not associated with the popular assembly of Syntagma Square, although we do not act competitively to their efforts to raise money for the arrestees.

We should mention that we attended the popular assembly of Syntagma Square, we read the original text of our initiative and we circulated a carton for financial aid there. However, for ideological reasons, we refused to put the text under resolution in order to be ‘legitimized’ by the square’s assembly and eventually be incorporated in its respective procedures.

An amount of 2,700 euros has been collected so far from cartons that we circulated in various social-political events, but also from spontaneous contributions.

The effort for financial aid will continue with a party on Thursday, July 7th at Lofos Strefi (Exarchia, Athens).

Let us all be there
Initiative for financial aid to arrestees of June 28th–29th

source: athens.indymedia