Against fear, State terrorism, impoverishment and social cannibalism

Common struggles of locals and immigrants for life, equality and freedom

Poverty – pauperization – oppression – exploitation: these four words characterize the present and the future that the ruling class promises and enforces by any means to the society. As survival becomes increasingly difficult, those from abovedominants – put forward as people’s only solution to attack each other, to turn against anyone alleged as an easy opponent, to live in fear, to accept the economic and political orders ‘for the country’s sake,’ rather than looking reality straight in the eye.

To achieve their plans, the economic, political and religious elites collude with others that share different interests such as stabbers fascists, mass media, cops, racists residents and shopkeepers in poor regions.

All these persons smell the fear and the human blood, and come out of their holes like a pack pinpointing as an enemy our neighbor, the most destitute, the immigrant, the homeless, the weakest one.

This happened after the atrocious murder of the 44-year-old Manolis Kantaris who was fatally stabbed for a video camera. In the following days, in the area around the point of the murder up to Omonia Square, a wild chase begins: extreme-rightists groups with knives, helmets and batons stab and beat indiscriminately immigrants, smashing also several shops and homes. The cops were present in all of the attacks giving their assistance while patriots and racists via television or their presence at the spots where the pogroms took place, applauded the attacks in every way, presenting the immigrants as enemies of the ‘homeland,’ of the economy and culture, thus serving the immigration policy of the State.

At the same time, the fascists with the aid of cops attacked Skaramaga and Villa Amalias squats which are nearby the site of the assassination of M. Kantaris. These anarchists’ squats have stood in numerous occasions in solidarity to the struggles of immigrants; so the people from these squats tried once more to prevent the attacks, and chased off the neo-Nazi stooges of the ‘golden dawn.’

Those who do not comply, refuse to live in oppression and exploitation, and choose to resist collectively, without mediation by parties and leaders, are faced with either fascist gangs or gangs of cops, as was the case in the general strike of May 11th.

From the furious attack of police squads (MAT) a protester lost his spleen while the co-fighter Yannis K. was wounded very seriously and was transferred in the General Hospital of Nikaia with a risk for his life due to internal head bleeding; he immediately underwent surgery and remained for several days in the intensive care. Furthermore, one of the demonstrators who were arrested, Fotis D. is kept in pre-trial detention via false accusations by the cops that trapped him with a bag loaded with Molotov cocktails.

We know that it is difficult for the poor, pauperized and oppressed to live peacefully in the poor neighborhoods of Athens. The problems are growing through Mafia’s activity –with the assistance of the State it consists one of the most inhumane and at the same time the most profitable corporations of capitalism. What those from above do not want us to understand is that the cause of our problems doesn’t lie on the weakest among us or ‘the Other’ but on the State along with the local and foreign bosses.

We won’t find any solution to our problems by obeying and serving the dominant class. The solutions are to be found when we altogether take our lives in our hands, without leaders, with mutual respect, tolerance and humanity. When we communicate our problems and look for solutions through neighborhood assemblies, union bases, self-organized spaces of resistance, collective feeding, and movements of mutual aid. When we get to know each other and fight as equals against the interests of those from above; when immigrants and locals build common class and social struggles against the State and Capital, for a society without repression and exploitation, for the social revolution and liberation.

Anarchists’ Assembly for Social Self-determination

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