May 11th: Announcements regarding the extremely serious injury of demonstrator Yannis K.

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Announcement of Hospital Doctors Union (Local Branch of Nikaia’s General Hospital of Nikaia, Piraeus)

Greek original

This announcement was issued on May 11th while Yannis K. was having an operation in the General Hospital of Nikaia.

Local Branch of EINAP [Union of Hospital Doctors of Athens and Piraeus], General Hospital of Nikaia

Today [May 11th, 2011] we witnessed the unlimited and profound brutality used by the Greek government of the Austerity Memorandum, in its effort to suppress all the healthy reactions of the citizens who resist to the measures planned by the foreign and local Capital.

Dozens of injured protesters — beaten up by the riot police — were transferred on ambulance or came by themselves in our hospital. Most of them had head injuries. Among them, there is a 30-year old protester who was transferred to our hospital in a heavy, antemortem condition, anisocoria and huge epidural hematoma. At the moment, the protester is having an operation by our colleagues who are trying to save his life.

We condemn the police brutality. We condemn all the members of the Greek government and the prime minister for the assassination attempt against our fellow citizen, who is in a serious condition and his life is in danger, but also against the rest of the protesters.

Violence and repression against the people who resist have no future.

The government through raping the rights of the people which are necessary for their survival, but also through the brutal violence which directly threatens people’s lives, will increase our stubbornness and our decisiveness to fight until the end in order of people to have bread, education and freedom (cc. ‘Bread-Education-Freedom’ was an anti-dictatorship slogan).

We will not stop until the ones guilty of the murder attempt will be punished.

We will not stop until people win!

~ ~ ~

Regarding the extremely serious injury of demonstrator Yannis K. and the attempted cover-up by the Greek police

Greek original

Yannis K., who is currently intubated in a critical condition at the intensive care unit of the General Hospital of Nikaia (Piraeus) having received murderous blows to his head by the riot police, was one of the thousands of demonstrators who participated in the May 11th general strike demonstration. More specifically, during the entire demonstration — including the moment when he was attacked at Panepistimiou Street — Yannis was in the block of the Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity of Kypseli/Patission.

In face of the lies and the attempted cover-up on the side of the Greek police, we state the following:

On Panepistimiou Street, between Voukourestiou and Amerikis Str., while the demonstration was coming back from parliament, the police launched an organized and coordinated attack with their obvious aim being the self-organized and counter-consensual blocks: the people who struggle ‘from below.’ At that moment, the neighbourhood assemblies (Kypseli/Patission, Vyronas/Kaisariani/Pangrati), the base union of the waiters/cooks, the anarchists’ assembly for social self-determination, student unions and others were encircled and beaten by numerous riot police (MAT) units.

Us who were marching along with Yannis K. holding the banner of Kypseli/Patission with him, found ourselves in an asphyxiating pen by riot police who would strike demonstrators with their batons turned upside down, in the head and their bodies, throwing many to the ground. At the same time, they threw tear gas and stun grenades directly into the crowd. The result was for tens of people to be seriously injured, many of which were taken to hospital. Among them was Yannis K. who while bleeding from the head was taken away from the point of the attack thanks to the help of a fellow demonstrator. He was received by the Ambulance Service and transferred to the General Hospital of Nikaia, where he undertook surgery.

At this moment, Yannis is fighting for his life because he chose the path of collective resistance, solidarity and struggle against the exploitation, the poverty and fear enforced by the bosses, against their terrorism, against defeatism and passivity. Yannis’ struggle belongs to all of us!

Yannis Vidalis, Katerina Sofianou
Members of the Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity of Kypseli/Patission

~ ~ ~

Leftist and anarchist groups have called for a demonstration against State repression for Thursday, May 12th, at 6pm (GMT+2), at the Propylaea in Athens. The call-out by the leftist groups.

~ ~ ~

Announcement/Call by the Anarchists’ Assembly for Social Self-determination

Greek original

Today, May 11th, 2011, another general strike was held against the anti-social measures that are being enforced by the State, Capital and the IMF, and push ever large parts of the population to poverty, destitution and misery. Thousands of people came out once again on the streets, and were faced with the repression forces which, in an attempt to intimidate and suppress any movement of resistance, tightly encircled the entire demonstration.

The riot police (MAT) units applied the doctrine of zero tolerance; nearby Syntagma square the cops attacked against the protest march, in particular against the blocks of neighborhood assemblies, base workers’ unions, the anarchists’ assembly, and extra-parliamentary left. Battering, murderous attacks, tons of tear gas, flash bang grenades, arrests, blood-stained and injured demonstrators comprised the setting.

One demonstrator, Yannis K., was severely wounded by a murderous police attack while he demonstrated within the block of the Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity of Kypseli/Patission. Yannis K. was transferred in crucial state for his life to the General Hospital of Nikaia, suffering internal head bleeding. He directly underwent surgery, and now remains in intensive care in critical condition.

Today’s attack against the blocks of self-organization, anti-hierarchy, class and social resistance and of those who do not consent, was intended to intimidate, suppress, set as example and stifle any uncontrolled voice and gesture which move collectively, without leaderships, organized and unmediated against the anti-social plans of the State and Capital.

Against the terrorizing and repression of social and class struggles we champion self-organization and solidarity. Through base unions, neighborhood assemblies, self-organized spaces of resistance, wild strikes, we do not accept as a life condition the treaty of obedience that the State, Capital, parties, corporate media and the regime’s trade unions want to impose; we do not consent, we do not reconcile and we do not kowtow to Power.

We stand by the side of Yannis K., who is hospitalized in critical condition in intensive care, and of all the injured protesters

Immediate release of the arrested of May 11th general strike demonstration

Everyone to the streets against State–IMF–bosses
for a society without oppression and exploitation
for the overthrow and social revolution

Thursday, May 12th, Propylaea, Panepistimiou Str., Athens, at 6pm

Anarchists’ Assembly for Social Self-determination

~ ~ ~

Videos from May 11th

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