Athens: The rectorate in Propylaea occupied since the morning of May 12th

The building of the rectorate of Athens University in Propylaea, Panepistimiou Street, Athens, is currently occupied by comrades, on the occasion of the events that took place on May 11th general strike demonstration.

At least three demonstrators had to undergo medical operations the last 24 hours as result of their injury by riot police. The protest march was brutally attacked by police forces that caused very serious injuries to at least 100 people, who had been transferred to hospitals. One demonstrator was taken to the General Hospital of Nikaia in a heavy, antemortem condition with severe head injuries; he is now in full clinical repression.

A morning assembly was held in the building; another assembly will take place there after the 18.00 demo. Loudspeakers have been erected in the rectorate’s square (Propylaea) informing people about police brutality, and the first announcement of the occupation has been already issued and was distributed out on the streets/ here in English, German and French.

There are calls for anti-repression and anti-police demonstrations at 18.00 (GMT+2) in 17 cities so far, and more are to be added.

Ruling party’s (PASOK) offices were attacked by protesters in Volos last night, while various spontaneous demos took place in other cities.

The Workers’ Centre in Corfu is occupied at the moment by an assembly, preparing for the 18:00 demo.

Comrades wish to create an outbreak of counter-information and continuing struggle, so they call on all militant parts of society to participate in the rectorate’s occupation.