5th of March: Day of coordinated action on public transport

Public transport is not merchandise, it is a social need. Free transport for all-Common struggle of workers and passengers

A brief information about actions that took place in Athens and in Piraeus on March 5, day of coordinated action on public transport.

Athens: The local assembly of residents in the Athenian suburbs of Petralona, Koukaki, Thissio made interventions at the metro stations of Petralona and Thissio. Sabotage at ticket validation machines was provoked and a text of the assembly was distributed with instructions on how to confront ticket inspectors (in 4 different languages). This action was followed by a distribution of texts in the district of Monastiraki and at 1 pm we met at the subway station of this district with other members of local assemblies, self-managed areas and occupations. Speakers were collocated on the square, while the ticket vending and ticket validation machines were sabotaged at the local subway station. Some debates, sometimes intense, sometimes in a context of mutual understanding, constituted the setting of this action, while the 1,300 first copies of the text of the statement of the assembly very soon run out.


Free transport for all-Solidarity among workers and passengers-We don't pay more taxes-Social Disobedience

Piraeus: At 11:30 am, comrades from various suburbs of Piraeus (Keratsini Perama, Nikea, Koridallos, city of Piraeus) made an one-hour intervention at the metro station of Piraeus, for free public transport. Posters were stuck, a banner was hung, the ticket validation machines of the train station were damaged, and hundreds of pamphlets were distributed to passengers of subway trains, buses and to pedestrians.

Then we took the subway, we made another similar intervention for a few minutes time at the station of Faliro and then we went to Monastiraki, where we met with dozens of others who had made a similar action at various subway stations in various places in Athens. We spent 2 hours in Monastiraki, with announcements through speakers, with banners, text distribution and damaging of the local station ticket validation machines.

Social disobedience actions and refusal to pay, against taxes and theft of our life, will continue…