Intervention at the Mexican embassy’s celebration of the 100 years anniversary since the Mexican Revolution

Zapatista SolidarityOn Thursday, November 18th, comrades from the “Assembly for Solidarity” from the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and libertarian movement, squats, neighborhood assemblies, and all those in solidarity with the Zapatista movement and the insurgents of Mexico, intervened in the Kakogiannis Institute during the opening of the cinematic tribute that took place as part of the  of the Mexican embassy’s celebration of the 100 years anniversary since the Mexican Revolution.

This festival date was opted by the above to be a day after November 17th and the date of the establishment of EZLN, and two days before November 20th, the date of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

Zapatista Solidarity The event was attended by members of the Mexican and of other embassies of Latin America as well as officials of the Greek Ministry of Culture, and was to begin with speeches by M. Kakogiannis and the ambassador in charge of the Mexican Embassy (due to the recent ambassador’s death) in the Institute’s auditorium. The Mexican ambassador in charge was interrupted before he could even begin, by the voices and slogans of comrades who while opening two banners denouncing the low noise war (which is not always low) against the Zapatista communities and the insurgents of Mexico , and the complicit role of the Kakogiannis Institute, which, under the pretext of cultural exchange, will not hesitate to work with embassies of countries responsible for the murders of thousands of activists, such as Mexico and Israel.

Zapatista SolidarityActivists also distributed leaflets and threw notices. There were some small verbal recriminations with several of the attendees, who could not digest that lower cast people managed to “infect” the celebration and to disrupt order and safety, reminding them that the arms of political power, of which some are part of, are stained with blood of fighters against colonialism for 518 years and continue today.

The intervention ended by reading the notice on the microphone (during which some attendees sang the Mexican national anthem) and comrades left shouting slogans in Greek and Spanish, expressing their solidarity to the Zapatista rebels and activists in Mexico: “Streets of Athens, mountains of Mexico, the insurgents are everywhere», «EZLN», «Zapatista Brothers you are not alone, we share a common struggle,” “Freedom to political prisoners”, “Zapata lives, the struggle continues”, “The right is with the insurgents and not with the pimps and the obedient” etc.Zapatista Solidarity

The leaflet document will soon be translated as well and be linked HERE