Announcement of contrainfo in solidarity with the alternative websites in Spain

Following the successful general strike of 29th September in Spain, the Head of Security of the Municipality of Barcelona asked the Prosecutor to look into the “websites that incite acts of violence”, naming specific counter-information networks. As usual, the mass media propaganda followed, using the well-known by now phrasing “low intensity terrorism”. It is evident that the Power was disturbed by the setting up of the website, which covered the strike with updates coming from 9 counter-information networks; it was also troubled by the important dissemination of the anti-state discourse and the success of the strike in all job sectors (including the mainstream media). It is also obvious that the targets of this attack are not limited to the specific networks.

The more the capitalist crisis deepens, the more the lies of the state propaganda about democracy will come to light; the manipulation of consciousnesses and repression will intensify in order to impose totalitarianism.  Within this framework, the Power attempts, implicitly or explicitly, openly or secretly, to shut the mouths of those who react against the constant brainwashing of the media, marketing, commercials and lifestyle; against the imposition of the democratic totalitarianism and its ideology, i.e. social cannibalism and absolute alienation. Counter-information networks and fighters have no reason to explain themselves to any prosecutor or authoritarian about how peaceful their actions against state violence are. Those who exert violence on a daily basis are the state and the capital; them, along with their lackeys exert “high intensity terrorism” daily, consciously and coordinately. This synchronized attack by the municipality officers, the prosecutor, the government and the media in Spain underlines the need for us to coordinate our actions. Contrainfo expresses its solidarity and support to the comrades from,, 29-s-net, and In the face of the spanish state’s terrorism, they do not stand alone.

Ηasta siempre