Occupation in the city of Patras

Patras (third largest city in western greece) has a brand new occupation as of the last weekend in one of the city’s main avenues. The ex abandoned building is full of life; the first week went by with daily screenings, a feast and collective cooking. The local media have gone berserk but the neighbourhood seems at ease with its new neighbours. The poster of the collective venture of speech and action “Perasma” reads:

“Occupation, for all the reasons in the world.

Maragopouleio, 102 Gounari St.

In order to wipe out property, step by step, along with all kinds of individual possession of what belongs to all of us.

In order to reveal the decay of this world of commercialism, mediation, representation and exploitation.

In order to win back our lost space and time, and regain awareness that we are capable of taking our lives in our own hands, by developing community relationships, and reorganizing our lives from the beginning…


Collective venture of speech and action”